Now Available: Clipsal 30 Series USB Charger Mech

Habitat have added the new Clipsal 30 Series USB Charger Mech to the growing selections range.

Recognised as Australia’s Most Universal USB Mech, the Clipsal 30 Series can be used to charge smartphones, tablets, cameras and portable music devices, with the ability to charge up to three electronic devices at a time, per wall plate, without the need for a power board.

The USB mech will fit into a standard 30 mech aperture, making it a highly flexible solution across the range of Clipsal plate offers.


• Fit up to three USB Charger Mechs per plate

• Match coloured plates with compatible colour caps, to suit decor

• Able to be retrofitted, quickly, into Clipsal Wall Plates with 30 Mech apertures

• Cable compensation allows devices to be charged quickly

• Inbuilt protection for surge, over-temperature and over-current occurences

• Certified to all relevant safety and EMC requirements for Australia