Variety the spice of life

The variety of decorative and energy saving lamps has expanded in the last few years due to a number of factors.

  • The withdrawal of incandescent GLS, Fancy Round and Candle lamps from the market (Government initiative).
  • Energy conscious consumers looking to save money on their electricity bills and be green.
  • Internet access enabling the sharing of interior images and new products.
  • Design conscious consumers embracing the Industrial and Clear glass styles.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps:

The traditional CFL is normally tucked away behind an opaque diffuser shaded from view. Plumen a UK company offers a compact fluorescent lamp designed to be seen. Fluorescent Lamps are best utilized in light fittings where the fitting is turned on for longer periods of time and most often not suitable for dimming.

Filament Lamps:

The popularity of the Industrial Style and Clear glass Light fittings has seen the re emergence of the carbon filament lamp. The carbon filament lamp produces a soft glow without causing glare. For those who do not like to change globes Mercator have brought to market the LED filament lamp. The 4W LED filament lamp has an output of 480 lumens.

Halogen Replacement and LED Lamps:

The traditional GLS, Fancy Round and Candle are available in LED and Halogen replacement versions. LED versions offer energy saving and long life. Changing the globes around the house becomes a less common chore a bonus for those who have fittings in hard to reach places like a stairwell. Halogen replacement lamps provide good light output, wattages ranging from 18W to 72W depending on the style of globe. Another benefit of the halogen replacement lamp is seamless dimming and great colour rendering.