Things to Consider

Things to ask yourself before planning your electrical requirements

Position of Furniture
How are you going to furnish the house?
What will you use each room for; a theatre or games room? This will affect your lighting design and power locations?

Security System
Security systems usually require power and telephone points. These points are often located in the wardrobe, pantry or linen cupboard.

Light Switches
Are you satisfied with the style of the light switches?

Water Systems
Do you need power for watering systems or irrigation?

TV/Telephone, Internet/Data
What are the locations of the TV, Data and Phone Points? Where are the computers / printers going to be located? Are you having smartwiring (home networking). Is your internet cable, ADSL or Fibre?

Power to the Garage
Do you need power in the garage for vacuuming the car or specific power requirements for large machinery/tools?

Are you having Foxtel? How many Foxtel points are you using, and where will they be located? Is it cable to satellite?

Clothes Line
Where is the location of the clothes line? Will you need a light point there?

Ducted Vacuuming
Keep the dust and noise outside while vacuuming. Convenient to operate – no motor / electrical lead to carry around.

Outdoor Spa
Will you have an outdoor spa in the future and what are the power/light requirements?

Laundry Fan
Do you want an exhaust fan in the laundry to extract moisture when the dryer is in use?

Do you need TV points in the bedrooms? Power points for bedside lamps, electrical blankets, night lights, alarm clocks, phone charges etc.

Theatre Room
Do you require pre wiring for future speakers? Do you need a power point for a projector (on the ceiling or in the ceiling)? Where is the screen or TV located? Where is the AV and audio equipment going to be housed?

Outside Power
Where would you like outside power points? Ensure they are weatherproof.

2, 3, 4 – Way Switching
Would you like to turn lights on and off from more than the one location? For example: light switches at both ends of a hallway, or each entrance to a room.

Outside Lighting
How do you want to light the perimeter of your house? A light down the side of your house is handy for service areas. Landscape/garden lighting?

Dimmable Lighting
Which lights would you like to be able to dim?

Pool Requirement
Does the pool pump need three phase power? Please speak to your pool supplier for any special electrical requirements.

Security Lights
Do you want the outside or internal lights to come on with a motion sensors? For example: lighting the garage, walk in robes, W.C., pantries.

Fibre/estate Requirements
What telecommunication services will be available? i.e. fibre optics/copper. Would you like your home to be prepared for the Broadband Rollout?