Hills Multi-Room Audio

Enjoy superior stereo sound in any room of your home with the Hills Home Music speaker and multi-room, multi-source audio distribution system. Teaming a pair of speakers in the wall or ceiling of up to 8 rooms with a Music Room Manager to control volume independently in each, the Hills Music system lets you pipe music from 4 separate sources (like a stereo, radio, CD, or DVD player) located at one central point in your home (like a home theatre or media room) to each.

Each room manager will also accept a local portable musc source like an MP3 player, which can be plugged in to use the built-in speakers in the room. And to make it even easier to use, there’s a remote control for the Room Manager, so you can sit back, select the music you want to hear, and control the volume level as well.

Speaker pre-wires

We provide two speaker pre-wire packages, a 5.1 pack which gives you preparation wiring for 5 speakers and a sub-woofer point in the one room, and the 2 core speaker pre-wire, which gives you 2 preparation wiring points. Pre-wire cables are left in your wall space out of sight, so you can install your speakers when it suits you best.