Fibre Optics

What is the National Broadband Network (NBN)?
The NBN is a fibre broadband network designed to provide broadband access to 100 percent of Australian homes. It will provide the vital communications infrastructure and a super fast national broadband network that will serve Australia or decades to come. Residents in new developments will be among some of the first to benefit.

Benefits of the NBN in your new home
Access to superfast broadband will allow you to have more time to watch, listen or play what you want with less time.

Preparing your new home for the NBN
The NBN will enable service providers to offer more than just high speed internet. It has the potential to allow for new types of services to be offered that can be used throughout the house.

If you want to utilise applications like IPTV via a Smart TV in your living room or home office you will need fixes cabling in your home to run these services. Your first choice may be the study/home office or it could be elsewhere, like the lounge room and bedrooms, – particularly if you have televisions in these areas.
You have the opportunity to build your home to a standard to ensure it is able to support all of the applications and benefits offered over high speed broadband now and into the future. Think about which rooms you would like to have a telephone or data point in, and what services you may want to have throughout your house.