An audio intercom allows you to speak with a guest or visitor without having to go to the front door, audio intercoms can also be integrated with electric striker plates which allow you to remotely open doors and gates. If you opt to place additional stations inside, an audio intercom can also be used for communication throughout the home.


A video intercom lets you see who is at your door or front gate before you open it. You can also look outside at any time by simply pressing the camera button on the monitor for a view of your home’s exterior. The intercom provides you with the convenience of speaking to your visitor or guest before you let them in, as well as the option of allowing them access to your home by pressing a button (Where an electric Striker plate has been fitted) and letting them in without having to go to the door and open it yourself.

Striker Plates

Striker plates are electric locking mechanisms which can be mounted on doors and gates to allow remote opening from a central location. Usually used in conjunction with an intercom system, it allows you the convenience of opening the front door or the back gate at the press of a button.